Rogers Rische Doll PM Inc.
(dba) Homes for Rent
33020 SR 20 #101
Oak Harbor WA 98277
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Local XFINITY Services

Money Back Guarantee!

If within the first ninety days of our  management contract if you are not 100%  satisfied with our service we will return all  management fees and forward all records and trust account monies.

Enhanced Services!
  • All properties are shown by our agents. We do NOT hand out keys.
  • We are open SIX days a week. Saturday for “showings” only. This has proven to be a very productive service.
  • All tenants are screened by a third party screening company.
  • We check: Credit, Court Records if available, and Previous Rental History.  The tenant is charged for this service.

  • Maintenance: At the completion of a repair or maintenance we make an appointment to check the workmanship prior to payment.
  • Quarterly Exterior: Each quarter we do an exterior inspection of your property to identify any repairs that may be needed. Digital pictures are taken and a written report is generated.
  • Lease Extension: Prior to signing a lease extension or allowing a tenant to go month-to-month we schedule an inspection.
  • All Maintenance is completed by Professional, Licensed, Bonded Contractors.
  • We do not allow Tenants to perform maintenance. They may repair minor damage that they cause but no electrical, plumbing, or carpentry work will be allowed. All minor repairs by tenants will be highly scrutinized.     
  • We discourage Owners from doing their own maintenance. The liability is extremely high and savings have proven to be negligible.